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Hegerls Chile Mobile Racking System 16tons Loading Test Succeed

DATE:2018-11-07 13:19:47

  In the end of October,Hegerls Chile storage project intelligent mobile shelf loading 16 tons of running test has been a perfect success! This is another achievement and breakthrough made by Hegerls in the field of storage and logistics automation equipment research and development. It marks the successful development of Hegrls intelligent radio shuttle system and stacker storage system. Hegrls has developed and manufactured all three major intelligent equipment in modern automated warehousing. Among them, shuttles and stackers have obtained national invention patents and several state-level awards. Intelligent mobile shelves have also applied to the State intellectual property Office for patents, which are currently awaiting approval.

  In the first half of this year, Chile Rlog ordered a fleet of storage equipment from Hegerls, including six group smart mobile shelves. In talks, the company demanded that the load of mobile shelves must reach 16 tons, and because Chile is a volcanic eruption and earthquake-prone region, all equipment must meet the magnitude 8 earthquake intensity requirement. The industry knows that the limit load of mobile shelves is 16 tons. In the world's completed storage and logistics projects using mobile shelves, 16 tons of load has not been recorded. Seismic design of mobile shelves is also an industry problem, one is how to pre-bury and set track? The second is how to maintain a stable link with the track, but also to ensure that the entire shelf group can exercise smoothly?
  Faced with technical problems, the team of Hegerls engineers ventured to explore and delve bravely, and in a short period of time came up with a feasible design scheme. After trial production and step by step experiment, the final product was put into production. The "centipede type pre-buried anti-shock track" and "clasped anti-tilt walking stabilization mechanism", which are specially developed for this project, have been retrieved as the first technological invention in China. The adoption of these two technologies perfectly solves the problem of the stability of the link between the large-tonnage load-bearing shelves and the trolley. The two technologies have applied for the invention patent a few days ago. Hegerls' team of mechanical and electrical engineers worked closely together to complete the assembly and commissioning of the equipment through a number of precise calculations and tests to select the appropriate power drive motor and control system. After a week-long loading operation test, the whole mechanical and electrical system of the mobile shelf operated normally under 16 tons of heavy load, reaching or even exceeding the requirements of the Chilean project. At present, all the equipment has been packaged. Soon to depart for Chile project site. In a few months' time, "made in China", represented by Hegerls's smart warehousing equipment, will once again become an international market.