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Hegerls New 4.0 Version Automatic Radio Shuttle Storage System Succeed

DATE:2018-09-28 14:27:13

  Since the successful development of the first generation of HD radio shuttle automated storage system in 2014 and won a national invention patent, Hegerls has continued to increase the intensity of it and development to improve and improve. The second generation shuttle automated warehousing system won the "Made in China excellent products award"  of in 2016, known as the Academy Award for China's Industrial Design. With the tireless efforts of Hegerls researchers, on September 20, 2018, the Hegerls 4.0 version of the new generation radio shuttle automated warehousing system was perfectly unveiled at the 2018 International Digital economy Expo. Beautiful and concise appearance and dexterous and light movement has won wide acclaim from experts, scholars and insiders. Governor Xu Qin of Hebei Provincial Government and other provincial leaders who visited the site expressed congratulations and praise to Hegerls for his achievements in the field of intelligent and automated warehousing and logistics.

  The new generation radio shuttle storage system of Hegerls 4.0 has been optimized and improved from hardware to software. The weight of the whole vehicle is 36% lower than that of the previous generation, the running speed and efficiency have been increased by 12%, the battery durability has been improved by more than 9%. body shape and appearance more fashionable, beautiful, and increased panel power digital display, charging system has been improved.
  Since 2014, the automatic storage system of Hegrls radio shuttle has been applied in more than 10 projects at home and abroad, which has created good brand and economic benefits. With good reputation in automation warehousing projects in Southeast Asia, Middle East and South America, Made in China has won a reputation. Among them, Hegrls has completed a relatively large intelligent storage projects for HD radio shuttle: Yiha Kerry Grain and Oil Storage Series Project, Oscar Cold Storage Project of the Chilean Fisheries Association, and JM Agricultural Machinery Storage Project in Thailand. Vietnam TPP mechanical accessories project, UAE  ALLM plastic raw materials storage project, Thailand LPP mechanical accessories storage project etc.