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Hegerls Drive-in Rack are completely Assembled at Jinmailang

DATE:2018-03-23 10:05:47

Jinmailang Flour Products Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the food industry in China and has been recognized as the leading national agricultural industrialization enterprise the Ministry of Agriculture, Jinmailang is located in Xingtai City, Hebei Province. It is a modern large-scale comprehensive food enterprise group that combines production, sales, and research and development with the main industry of convenience food. Hegerls was entrusted by Jinmailang to provide shelf layout design, optimization and equipment provision, installation and debugging for its Longyao warehouse. After examining the site and considering the actual situation, Hegerls staff decided to use the drive in rack system. Now the rack system has been completely assembled at the site, below are the photos taken at site.

Drive in rack are suitable for Less SKUs & large quantity goods.Its advantage is low cost and high storage capacity,perfect for Jinmailang products in Longyao Warehouse. Compare to normal pallet rack,the utilization rate of warehouse could improve 30% or more, make the whole utilization rate of warehouse reach about 80%, based on this, the drive in rack are widely used in wholesale, cold storage, food , tobacco industries.
Though we all know drive in rack system could help improve the economic benefits, however Hegerls stuff not only think this, we also pay attention to how to use the drive in rack and get the maximum economic benefits. This is what we consider for Jinmailang’s project : get the maximum store capacity with drive in rack.