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Top Ten of Hegerls in 2017

DATE:2018-02-23 14:17:11

1,The 20th anniversary of Hegerls Founding Celebration Held.
Hegerls analyses held in Shijiazhuang HuiWen hotel on 15th Jan 2017. in same time, a theme of "innovation,development ,win-win ,cooperation" , the 20th anniversary of Hegerls founding celebration also held.All the staffs of Hebei Woke Metal Products Co., LTD.,Hebei Guangyuan Shengwen Industrils & Trading Co Ltd, Hebei Lelian trade co., LTD.  friends from all lines ,more than three hundred people celebrate Hegerls 20 years of development, wish Hegerls more bright tomorrow!

2,Hegerls Won TUV/BV/SGS 3 International Surveyor Certificate.
Hegerls through the SGS certification in December 2015, and certified by BV in January 2017. at the end of 2017 to complete the TUV certification.The three authentication are well-known international inspection certification company. Hegerls all three inspection agency issued by international certification, the full display and proved that Hegerls enterprise comprehensive strength and excellent quality of products.

3,Hegerls was elected as the Direct Unit of Hebei e-commerce Association .
On March 7th 2017, leadership of Hebei department of commerce, Hebei e- commerce association to visit Hegerls Shijiazhuang headquarters guidance and held the opening ceremony of the Hebei e-commerce association direct unit.

4,Hegerls full stop cooperation with South Korea's Lotte Group
On March 13rd 2017, to condemn and protest against South Korea's lotte group,provide land for thad missiles of the United States , Hegerls issued a statement, a full cessation of business cooperation with South Korea's lotte group, no longer in any form by lotte group to provide warehousing and business plan design, software, management training, storage and super shelves, pile platform, the register any hardware and software, such as goods and related services.In past cooperation, lotte group payment in arrears and the resultant punish fees and interest on demurrage, Hegerls reserves the right of recourse in accordance with the law.

5,Hegerls Academic papers "Shanxi Yuncang Smart storage project"are entry "2017 China warehousing blue book"
Shanxi "Smart YunCang" project is in a series of Shanxi Province e-commerce, warehousing and distribution projects, a total of 110 central warehouse and branch distribution warehouse.Hegerls in 2015 with the excellent design and reasonable project budget quotation won the bid for this project, at present has been completed, including Taiyuan center warehouse project and other 26 branch warehouse.The project experience in recent years the burgeoning e-commerce class discussion and warehousing industry forward-looking, targeted, written by Hegerls"in shanxi YunCang with integrated planning and design projects about e-commerce storehouse" academic papers by the China association of warehousing and distribution  "2017 China warehousing blue book" China warehousing and distribution technology development and application "section.The blue book is the highest level of warehousing and distribution industry in China industry technical literature.
6,Hegerls chairman was awarded the 2017 Hebei Logistics Hall of Fame
In recent years, Hegerls has been chosen as China warehousing association governing units, Hebei e-commerce association and Hebei modern logistics association governing units.In view of Hegerls Guang-yuan Zhang, the chairman, President and CEO of warehousing logistics industry development in Hebei province outstanding contribution,Hebei province modern logistics association awarded the "2017 Hebei logistics Hall of Fame" to him.This is the another honor after his entry the Chinese association of experts committee in 2016.

7,Hegerls Stacker Crane system won “2017 Made in China Award”
In 2016, Hegerls"Radio shuttle HD storage system" won the" Made in China" “excellence award”.In 2017, Hegerls"MDF/HDF automatic sorting storage stacker system", from the country of 4309 product stand out, Won “2017-2018 Made in China" list award!
8,Hegerls Stacker Crane system won China state Patent
In 2017, Hegerls added new patented technology: MDF/HDF stacker crane system.This stacker system, reserched and made for FX GROUP company in South Africa MDF/HDF AS/RS project,Hegerls has safe independent intellectual property rights of automatic warehousing equipment.Approved by the state intellectual property office of the evaluation, in March 2017 to awarded the Numbers for: ZL 2017 2 0302164.9 of the patent certificate.

9.Hegerls storage equipment power ALIBABA/SF EXPRESS 11.11 Shopping Festival
To prepare for the 2017 double 11 & double 12 e-commerce shopping festival, Alibaba's rookie logistics after nationwide excellent storage equipment manufacturers of rigid selection, finalized assume by Hegerls Guangdong Jiangmen distribution center all storage equipment manufacturing supply and installation of all projects.Hegerls production base staff in the middle of October to complete the novice logistics Jiangmen all production, installation and debugging of the project.Similarly, SF Express logistics for Hegerls understanding and trust, will also be the task of the transformation and upgrade of Shijiazhuang distribution center storage facilities to Hegerls.
10.Hegerls warehousing logistics projects at home and abroad full flowering, online sales growth speedly.
In 2017, Hegerls continue to intensify warehousing logistics market development and pace, We attended more than 10 different large-scale exhibitions and forum;Involved in dozens of logistics project bidding;Foreign trade departments staff visits abroad exhibition several times;Thus the fully updated website, online sales network and product brochures.Through these work positively, effectively improve Hegerls profile, achieved good sales performance.Overseas warehousing project has completed this year;Algeria FAGO dairy products storage phase 2 project, the united Arab emirates ALLM shuttle automated storage warehouse project, South Africa FX MDF/HDF AS/RS projects, Thailand JM phase 2 of project ,Saudi Arabia stacking type storage project, etc.;Domestic series project completed the sinopec Easyjet chain convenience stores, Ali rookie Jiangmen distribution center, Handan Baijiatongcheng warehousing projects, NorthChina pharmaceutical warehouse project, etc. At the same time, online sales Hegerls “1688”Ali enterprise shops,  Tmall flagship store, Taobao shop increase by leaps and bounds through the network department staff more efforts.