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Hegerls Completed 3 International Inspection Certificates

DATE:2018-01-23 17:06:28

  Hegerls rcvd the original inspection certificate of TUV on 5th this month.and both the former certificate of SGS and BV on 2015 /2017,that means Hegerls has passed all the world top 3 international inspecdtion.
  As the world well-known, BV France international inspection bureau;Group (lane) TUV Germany,Swiss SGS (SGS).,The three is internationally recognized as the most authoritative testing certification bodies in the has become synonymous with safety credible, reliable and fairth.If companies certified by one of the three has explained the enterprise's management and operation level, if all through the three certification indicates enterprise operation and management have reached a quite high level!
  Hegerls always attached great importance to the corporate image and brand reputation, in May 2013 passed GB/T19001-2008 / ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification;Between 2012 and 2017 at the request of foreign customers, has made six batches, supermarket and warehouse storage equipment of SGS testing and all qualified through.To further improve the management level of enterprises and image, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises and products in domestic and overseas market, Hegerls launched the international three notarization institution SGS/TUV/BV certification, and in October 2015, has passed the SGS certification, and in January 2017 passed the certification of the BV test and finally complete the TUV certification in January this year.
  Since Hegerls founded in 1996, adhering to the "Faith & Integrity,Survival & Development" of the enterprise purpose, striving for over 20 years has developed into a supermarket, warehousing industry leader in northChina.from a little-known small dealers to today across supermarket and warehousing 2 industry, project planning and design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, operation management personnel training etc.Hegerls now has Hebei Guangyuan Shengwen Co., LTD., Hebei Lelian trade Co., LTD., two sales companies and large equipment research and development, production base: Hebei Woke Metal Products Co., LTD.Distributors and agents both at home and abroad, set up a global sales network.products and services in domestic and in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, with annual sales of nearly 230 million yuan.
  Hegerls is director unit of the China association of warehousing and Storage, Hebei modern logistics association and the association of Hebei E-Commerce. Products won several national and provincial awards and honors, including smart stacker, shuttle cart, mobile shelves, automated warehouse equipment and so on a number of national invention patent and technology."Hegerls intelligent shuttle cart storage system" won the 2016-2017 "Made in China" excellent Award."Hegerls intelligent board stacker storage system" won the 2017-2018 "Made in China" List prize.