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Hegerls Storage Equipment Power Alibaba & SF express 11.11 Shopping Festival

DATE:2017-11-02 14:45:22


  As Well-known in China,Alibaba and others e-commerce platform of China set a big range commodity selling season in 11st Nov & 12nd Dec each year.Chinese call it”Double 11 & Double 12 Shopping Festival”.there are more than half billion goods parcels will be running in the all courier company.So ,all the staff of these courier work day & night in this perior.both their Storage warehouse and equipments running at the top level with the highest speed.

  Preparation for the upcoming 2017 double 11 & double 12 e- commercial shopping quarter, Alibaba's rookie logistics in June in advance the layout extend parts of the country's warehouse turnover ability, proposed construction and expansion of Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Jinan, Shenyang four warehousing logistics distribution center.After a nationwide excellent storage equipment manufacturers of rigid selection, finalized assume by Hegerls Guangdong Jiangmen distribution center all storage equipment manufacturing supply and installation of all projects.This project all the reservoir area of nearly twenty thousand square meters, containing heavy, light beam racking and long span racks ,both mezzanine etc. These storage equipment nearly 1500 tons of signing the project contract on August early, all the staff of Hegerls production base to novice project storage equipment of the production, Hegerls arrange 70 staff of the installation team to take the arrival of the goods while installing continuous working mode, finally completed the installution & debugging in the middle of October.the project has entered the stage of trial operation currently.

  Hegerls is in the domestic warehousing logistics equipment industry leading position now. increased on the r&d of new products and production equipment upgrade in recent years. Set Storage project for Petrochina, Sinopec, the North China pharmaceutical,Junlebao dairy etc large domestic enterprises ;Completed Shanxi YunCang, Yanji Longmart, Handan Baijiatongcheng e-commerce warehousing logistics distribution center etc;Completed the Sweden SWEDMART ,ALLM U.A.E,OSCAR Chile, Thailand JM etc ,dozens of warehousing projects abroad, half of the project is stacking machine, radio shuttle etc automatic warehousing projects.Hegerls high density shuttle cart storage system, MDF/HDF auto sorting stacker,won the national invention patent and various kinds of the industry awards and honors, both applied in domestic and the abroad numerous storage project.Hegerls warehousing equipment & supermarket products passed the ISO9001, TUV, BV, SGS etc many top international inspection agency certification.Hegerls is director unit of China storage association, Hebei modern logistics association, the association of Hebei province e-commerce.its famous by high quality products and advanced management concept.that is the reason why Alibaba Rookie logistics chose Hegerls.

  Similarly, SF express also do positive preparation for double 11 double 12 shopping festival.As understanding and trust in the high quality storage equipment of Hegerls, the logistics distribution center of Shijiazhuang SF express also handed the transformation and upgrade of its storage facilities to us.After Hegerls engineer and project manager several times on-site investigation and consultation with the aspects of SF express, conclude the layout and plan of this project.Hegerls production base has begun to related equipment production, the installation and trial operation will be soonly.