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Hegerls MDF/HDF Stacker Crane Patent Approved

DATE:2017-11-02 08:33:23


  On 31st Oct 2017,Hegerls rcvd the official Patent certificate of MDF/HDF stacker crane from China State intellectual Property office.the Patent Number is:ZL 2017 2 0302164.9. This is a new patent of Hgerls continued the Radio shuttle cart 2014.
  This MDF/HDF stacker crane system also winned the finalist Award of “2017 Manufacturing Exllence & innovation Awards” in Sept 2017.
  The warehouse automation equipment stacker involving MDF/HDF warehousing and sorting. Hegerls reserched and manufactured it by the requring of the South Africa FX GROUP company 3D MDF/HDF automatic warehouse project.this system with completely independent intellectual property rights of independent research and development,and manufacturing. retrieve all the current files by Hegerls engineers and the Patent Office has not been found to have such a same auto stacker system.
  In recent years, Hegerls completed the domestic projects including: Sinopec storage project, Shanxi YunCang storage & distribution project, JiLin Long-Mart storage and distribution center project, Anguo Zhengtai Storage & distribution center project, Beiguo Goup supermarket chains, Guoda chain convenience stores, Hebei province expressway service area series of convenience stores and distribution centers, Junlebao dairy warehousing projects, etc.
  Overseas projects: Sweden SwedMart warehouse project, Chile fisheries association Oscar refrigeratory AS/RS projects, Algeria FACTO storage projiects, Thailand JM Group AS/RS projects, FX Group South Africa AS/RS projects, AALM company UAE AS/RS projects.Automatic sorting stacker in   FX Group South Africa AS/RS projects is domestic initiative within international leading level