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Hergerls Ready for 2017 CeMAT Asia Show

DATE:2017-10-20 10:35:39

  The 2017 CeMAT Asia Show will be held on October 31 to November 3rd in Shanghai.As Asia's largest, also worldwide warehousing logistics professional exhibition,almost all the famous professional manufacturers and brands attented it every year.Especially in recent years, with the improvement of China's economic status, especially the geometry & spanning development of China's warehousing logistics industry, the automatic and intelligent professional warehousing logistics equipment and technology demand also assumes the spurt of growth, CeMAT Asia logistics Show is becoming more and more attracted warehousing logistics professionals and other industries.


  As China Warehousing & logistics association director unit and domestic top of storage equipment and service providers, Hegerls widely participated in the exhibition of warehousing logistics well-known both at home and abroad, and combined with the needs of the development to selectively participate in a group of emerging countries and the area range of other types of exhibitions.To participate in the exhibition not only increased Hegerls brand and product awareness, met many clients and friends at home and abroad, also expanded the field of vision at the same time, to understand the degree of the progress of technology and products in the same industry, promoting the improvement of the overall level of ourself.

  In recent years, Hegerls successively participated in the Middle East Dubai logistics exhibition, Azerbaijan China commodity Show, Brazil South America logistics exhibition, Kenya international trade fair, Bangkok Asia logistics Show and other overseas exhibitions;Participated in the 2015 Shanghai CeMAT Asia, exhibition of Zhengzhou central logistics, China's central and eastern Europe trade show, the first Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei e-commerce exhibition,etc.During Kenya international trade show in 2017, President of Kenya. Uhuru Kenyatta visited Hegerls booth, praised for our products and technologies.Shanghai CeMAT Asia logistics show in 2015, Hegerls sent group exhibition of more than 20 people, nearly 200 square meters of exhibition area, Showing research and development of the stacker, shuttle cart, mobile shelves automated storage equipment in W3 intelligent logistic the whole show, won the domestic and foreign visitor's consistent affirmation and praise, has obtained the good advertising effect and economic benefits.
  The Hegerls business department, technical department and production base says opinions and Suggestions of the exhibition, and combined with recent years at home and abroad for various Hegerls large-scale 3D warehouse automation and intelligent storage equipment demand increases obviously, ultimately determine the participants and to find a solution to the storage and automated matching partners participation scheme and auxiliary equipment.Hegerls is ready for 2017 CeMAT Asia! Both we wish 2017 Shanghai CeMAT Asia logistics fair success!