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DATE:2017-10-13 14:37:36

  Kenya president Uhuru Kenyata visited Hegerls booth in Nairobi International Trade Fair (NITF) in beginning of this  month.the NITF is the biggest trade fair in Kenya and the east Africa ,Since 1997 and holding in 2nd—8th Oct each year.
  On the first day, Kenya's President,Mr.Uhuru Kenyatta and senior government officials in  accompanied by the staff of China embassy in Kenya, visiting the HEGERLS booth, they saw the detailed products panel and promotional video, look at the samples, and took our company staff about HEGERLS development and product they heard HEGERLS also supply products for Kenya—Ethiopia railway, the President praise for HEGERLS excellent products, and welcomed HEGERLS participate in Kenya and Africa construction with thanks.
  Recently years, HEGERLS increased the pioneering efforts of the African market, after efforts of hard work, to create awareness for HEGERLS products in the African market, Win a good market share. HEGERLS successively completed Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and so on dozens of supermarket and warehousing projects.2015 and this year has completed the Algerian FALGO dairy warehousing project phase I and phase ii 2015 and 2016 provides several batch of storage equipment and equipment to Kenya—Ethiopia railway. In 2017,HEGERLS completed the FX Group company automation sorting storage projects in South Africa within the world's advanced level.this project adopts HEGERLS specially research and development stacker crane, it with completely independent property. this stacker has also been the state intellectual property office granted the patent of invention.