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DATE:2017-06-19 10:43:08

  AS/RS is the integration of the modern storage technology and equipment. height can be up to 40 meters or more, used a space greatly, thus improve the space utilization and efficiency directly.the storage upwards, automation and operation easily. include: the rack system, stacker (mobile shelves, radio shuttle cart,AGV or RGV etc.) automation equipment, conveyor (sorting) system, and computer control system etc.
  Product features:
  1) using automatic stacker machine to replace artificial to store goods and pickup, quick and efficient. As the workers don't have to enter the warehouse work, greatly improve work environment.
  2) AS/RS manage goods within WMS and WCS, greatly enhance the management capacity of the goods. improve the accuracy and reliability ,in-out warehouse management, and report work turns simple and quick, both labor intensity is reduced greatly.
  3) AS/RS consists of conveyor (sorting) system, in-out warehousing quickly and correctly.
  4) AS/RS only needs a small amount of operating and maintenance staffs, saves worker and money,



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