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Hegerls teach you to identify the quality of storage racks

DATE:2020-06-24 10:28:17


  The cost of purchasing storage racks is high, so customers will pay great attention to practical years.This is the most effective manifestation of cost sharing.
  But many customers lack the corresponding  storage racks knowledge,resulting in many unnecessary losses.
  It is undoubtedly beneficial to enterprises to choose products of excellent quality when purchasing.
  So, how to identify the quality of storage racks?
  What aspects and details are approved?
  Hegerls wrote this article about this common problem,Provide you with some methods for identifying storage racks.
  The material of the storage racks is generally selected from cold-rolled steel profiles, whether it meets the national standard
  The column of the storage racks depends on whether the bending of the cross section is more and uniform; the more the hooks of the crossbeam are, the better the stress is.
  Whether the spraying of the surface of the storage racks is uniform depends on whether there is any omission on the inner edge of the storage racks column hole.
  You can tap with a hard object during the inspection.
  Welding  joint
  The welding joint shall be even and full without any gap or missing welding.
  Hegerls has professional engineers and technicians,use high-quality raw materials and advanced processing technology,It can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of customers to meet the individual needs of enterprises.
  With professional design technology,advanced production technology,high-quality product quality,and honest business philosophy,
  it has become the leading shelf manufacturer in China .and a strategic partner of many enterprises,Add color to the enterprise's blueprint.



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