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Hegerls Intelligence Mobile racking system Technology Awards

DATE:2019-11-01 08:56:30

Recently, at the 11th China Urban Logistics Congress, which was jointly organized by the China Warehouse and Distribution Association and Guizhou Provincial Government, and was unanimously approved by the "excellent case selection committee on distribution management and technological innovation ", which was composed of experts, scholars and executives. Hebei Woke Metal Products Co., Ltd. submitted" Hegerls intelligent mobile  racking system seismic and heavy load technology "won the "2018 China City Logistics Technology Innovation Excellence case Award "! 
This is another achievement and breakthrough in the research and development of storage logistics intelligence and automation equipment. It marks that after the successful research and development of intelligent high-density radio shuttle storage system and intelligent stacker crane storage system, Hegerls has the independent R & D and manufacturing capacity and proprietary technology of all three main intelligent equipment in the field of modern automated warehousing. Among them, the intelligent high density radio shuttle storage system and the intelligent stacker crane storage system have obtained the national invention patent and several national awards: 

The Hegerls Intelligent Mobile racking system has also applied for a patent with the National intellectual property Office and is currently awaiting review: 
In particular, it is important to congratulate Mr. Zhang Guangyuan, Director of the Hegerls, following the member of the Board of Experts of the last China Storage Association in 2016, Re-elected as a member of the Panel of Experts of the Committee of Experts of the Committee of Experts on the Chinese Warehousing and Distribution Association, held in the same period of the China Urban Logistics Conference. This is not only the affirmation and recognition of Mr. Zhang Guangyuan's experience and knowledge in the warehousing and logistics industry for many years, but also the appreciation and encouragement to the success and dedication of the Hegerls in Chinese warehousing and logistics industry for more than 20 years.