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Hegerls "Beiguo High-tech Logistics Park" Project launched

DATE:2019-08-22 08:39:26

  A few days ago, Hegerls received the first batch of advance payments from the Beiren Group, marking the official start of the Beiguo High-tech Logistics Industry Park project, which was signed by Hegrls.
  Beiguo Renbai Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Beiren Group) is a large new retail business group in Hebei Province, which is cross-regional, multi-business and diversified. Operating outlets of nearly 300, throughout Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi 4 provinces 25 cities. Eight consecutive years of shortlisted Chinese enterprises, China's service industry enterprises of the top 500. The Beiguo High-tech Logistics Industry Park, prepared by Beiren Group, is located in Shijiazhuang Economic and technological Development Zone and is a key project in Hebei Province. The project covers an area of 291mu and is expected to invest 1.07 billion RMB. It consists of seven modules: intelligent logistics operation center, room temperature distribution center, electrical distribution center, fresh and fresh processing center, ecommerce city distribution warehouse, railway material distribution center and volume and selling community commerce. Based on the service of the enterprise itself, the logistics park is gradually open to the society, and then develops into a first-class modern logistics enterprise in China.

  Hegerls's development and growth for more than 20 years has been accompanied by the growth of Beiren Group, which can see Hegrls's participation in almost every new project. The successful cooperation between the two sides over the years can be regarded as a model of sincere cooperation in the field of domestic commerce. Over the past 20 years, Hegrls has gone from a single commercial supermarket shelf sales agent, and then began to set up his own factory production, from a simple commercial supermarket shelf to a commercial supermarket equipment, storage equipment dual-line production and sales coexist; From a single equipment sales, development to the collection of supermarket, warehousing project design, logistics park planning, hardware and software equipment sales, production, installation of one-stop service; Up to now, it straddles the two fields of business and logistics warehousing, with four production and sales enterprises, sales and service coverage in China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, products and services in more than 80 countries and regions on five continents in the world, large-scale industrial and commercial equipment and integrated service integration providers.
  For many years, Hegrls has persisted in seeking development and regroupment, and has the foundation, quality and ability of "Huashan Sword Champion War", which is the top industry enterprise in China. In recent years, he has repeatedly won the top spot in more than a hundred bids for major projects at home and abroad, and has won good word of mouth and reputation in the implementation of the project. Beiren Group, as the top 500 domestic enterprises, its "Beiguo High-tech Logistics Industry Park" project has attracted more than 20 top domestic warehousing and logistics enterprises to bid. Hegrls did not give in, by Mr. Zhang Guangyuan, chairman of the company personally, mobilizing the company's domestic trade department and technical support department to form a strong bidding team, in the past six months, more than a dozen times to the project site for communication and field survey, only the design scheme has been revised 16 times. During this period, leaders at all levels of Beiren Group also visited the Hegerls Xingtai production base and the Guoda Logistics Distribution Center designed and built in recent years, Shanxi Yun Cang large-scale e-commerce logistics and other projects for investigation and exchange. Finally, Hegerls won the "Beiguo High-tech Logistics Industry Park" project by virtue of excellent planning and design scheme and reasonable project budget, and after three rounds of bidding, he won the top spot in all the more than 20 domestic enterprises in the same industry.
  Hegerls people have always adhered to the enterprise spirit and corporate culture of "Faith & Integrity,Survival& Development", and carried it out and implemented into the daily specific business practice. Regardless of the size of the order and project is to take and cherish every project, every customer and every business opportunity. From senior leaders to grass-roots employees, Hegerls always maintains his dedicated work attitude and work spirit. The results of years of persistence make Hegerls stride forward every year: production equipment and production lines are constantly updated and perfected, technological innovation and scientific and technological research and development are fruitful, the experience and quality of employees are constantly improving, and the projects they undertake are also from simple to complex. Small micro gradually expanded to large and super large projects. In recent years, Hegerls has completed a large number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad and logistics warehousing projects. Among them, the more famous projects in China are: SINOPEC "Yijie" convenience store series projects, CSHI 718 series warehousing projects, COFCO Coca Cola (Shijiazhuang) warehousing project, Alibaba CAINIAO logistics Jiangmen large distribution center project, Yihai Kerry Nanchang and Xi'an series warehousing projects, Beiguo supermarket series projects, Hebei highway service area series projects, Junle Bao warehousing logistics series projects, JinMailang noodle industry warehousing series project, Guoda Group Logistics Distribution Center project, North China Pharmaceutical warehousing project, Lokai film series warehousing project, Hebei women's prison series warehousing project, Shanxi Yun Cang large ecommerce logistics park series project, Inner Mongolia Xinhua Publishing Group warehousing logistics series project and so on. Foreign parts include: Sweden SwedMart hardware bathroom storage project, Chile fisheries Association Oscar intelligent shuttle cold storage project, Chile LR intelligent mobile shelf storage project, Chile FS clothing and textile storage center project, Mexico AA group department store chain series project, UAE ALLM intelligent shuttle plastic raw material warehouse project, Vietnam HCM intelligent shuttle storage project, Thailand JM intelligent shuttle agricultural machinery warehouse project, Thailand Shaffin hometextiles storage project, Thailand WS auto parts intelligent warehousing project, Congo gold mine large storage project, South Africa FX group intelligent sorting board warehouse project, Indonesia KG intelligent shuttle large household appliance accessories warehouse project and so on.
  Hegerls is here to invite interested people from all over the world to join the Hegerls camp to participate in the great cause! Hegerls welcomes the vast number of domestic and foreign counterparts, customers to visit, guidance, inquiry!