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Hegerls Indonesia PT.KG Intelligent Shuttle Storage Project launched

DATE:2019-03-27 16:57:19


  Recently, the good news from the Hegerls production base is that the first batch of goods in the shuttle car storage project in Indonesia is ready to be finished. This marks the official launch of the Indonesian PT.KG's smart shuttle storage project undertaken by the Hegerls. This is an automated warehousing project in South-East Asian countries since it entered 2019, following Vietnam and India's shuttle cart storage project.

  The PT.KG company is a well-known  home appliance manufacturer and distributor in Indonesia. When the new warehouse is built, it has the idea of building an automatic warehouse. After reviewing the nearly ten automatic three-dimensional library industry manufacturers both at home and abroad, finally, the Hegerls won the project with strong production strength and reasonable price. After passing the actual operation of the production base inspection factory and the observation and observation shuttle equipment of the Hegerls, the company finally determines that the Hegerls is a trusted partner, and is the highest cost-effective equipment co-operator.
  Since Hegerls was founded for more than 20 years, It has been steadily and steadily promoting the improvement and improvement of storage automation equipment and planning scheme. In the domestic for China Petroleum, Sinopec, North China Pharmaceuticals, YihaiKerry, Junlebao dairy industry and other well-known manufacturers to provide automated warehousing in the field of serialization services; Chile Fisheries Association Oscar ultra-low temperature intelligent cold storage project; UAE ALLM automatic warehousing project; Chile RL mobile shelf automation storage project; Thailand JM group automation warehousing project; Thailand Shafen Furniture large-scale Storage Project; South Africa FX Stacker Intelligent sorting warehousing Project; Sweden Swedmart warehousing Project; Mexico AA Company over 100 chain Store Project; Bangladesh, Jordan MUSTGARMENT warehousing project and so on a series of warehousing logistics projects, has won high praise and excellent reputation at home and abroad.