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DATE:2019-01-28 14:42:59

  1, Hegerls headquarters moved to new location
  Our headquarters move to 11th Floor, Building No.6, Tatan Mall, Tatong Street, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei on 1st May 2018, which near Shijiazhuang Train station and Metro station. Excellent location and convenient transportation. Welcome to visit us.
  2 , Hegerls won the 2018 China Distribution Management and Technology Innovation Award
  Our project MDF/HDF Intelligent Sorting and Storage Won the third prize among more than 800 projects in the 10th China Urban Logistics Development Conference on 25th October 2018. This is the fifty consecutive year to won this award. Once again, it demonstrates industry’s recognition and our efforts on warehousing and logistics automation equipment & technology research and development.
  3,Hegerls expand new oversea markets
  New oversea projects : Vietnam HCM Smart Shuttle High Density Storage Project, Spain MST Storage project, Chile RKL Smart Electrical Mobile Racking Project, Congo China Metallurgical Mine Supporting Storage Project, Poland LSS Storage Project.
  Especially Chile FS Warehousing distribution center and Thailand Bed linings warehousing projects, created a double record with the largest single order amount and the largest volume in the history of Hegerls' foreign trade.

  4, Hegerls 4.0 version of the new generation of automated shuttle storage system developed successfully
  The new generation shuttle has been optimized and improved in both hardware and software.
  Body shape and appearance are more fashionable, increased digital display of panel power, while tare weight is less 36% than last generation; running speed and work efficiency improved 12%, charging system optimized and battery durability improved 9%.
  The 4.0 version of shuttle already put into use in Vietnam HCM project, India Nadia Project, Yihai Kerry Nanchang Warehouse Center and so on. Good social and economic benefits have been achieved.

  5, Hegerls Chile Mobile Rack 16 tons of heavy load tested successfully
  In 2018, Chile RLOG company ordered six sets of Electrical mobile racking. It required the dynamic load to meet 16 ton and the anti seismic intensity reach 8 level, this is the first case in the world. Hegerls technical team boldly explored and dared to delve into it, make a reasonable design for this project. After trial production and step-by-step testing, finally successed. It is another breakthrough in the field of warehousing and logistics automation equipment after the successful development of the intelligent shuttle system and stacker storage system. Among them, shuttle system and stackers have obtained national invention patents and several awards. Intelligent mobile rack have also applied for patents from the State Intellectual Property Office and are currently awaiting review.
  6, Hegerls subsidiary company was established and started operations Yangtze River Delta
  In order to adapt to the rapid development of the warehousing and logistics industry in the Yangtze River Delta and surrounding areas and expand the sales and influence, Hegerls registered and established Hegerls (Shanghai) Logistics Technology Co., Ltd." in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province in May 2018. Since the establishment, the company's employees have been working hard and have successfully undertaken several warehousing projects. With the joint efforts of the employees of Hegerls, I believe that "Hegerls (Shanghai) Logistics Technology Co., Ltd." will get better and better!

  7,Hegerls and Yihai Kerry Group established a comprehensive cooperative relationship
  Yihai Kerry Group is a world-renowned large-scale multinational group with real estate, grain, oil and food business operations in China and Southeast Asia. . Since the second half of 2017, Hegerls has been keenly aware that Yihai Kerry’s demand for warehousing and logistics equipment. Hegerls has actively carried out the preliminary work of the group. After serious and pragmatic efforts, Hegerls has been successfully incorporated into its warehousing logistics supplier system. By the end of the year, Hegerls had completed two projects of Yihai Kerr Shuttle Auto Storage projects in Xi'an and Nanchang. Several other in-house projects are under intense progress. Being accepted by Fortune 500 companies is the recognition of the brand and strength of Hegerls, and on the other hand, it required Hegerls to get more improvement.

  8. Haigris has established a comprehensive long-term relationship with Jinmailang Noodle Co., Ltd
  Jinmailang Noodle Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern leading enterprise in the national food industry. In the first half of 2018, Hegerls provide layout design and installation for their warehouse in Longyao, After inspecting the site, Hegerls choose drive in racking, which suitable for their situation and utilization rate could reach about 80%. The two parties reached a comprehensive cooperation agreement on warehousing and logistics. Up to now, two other warehouse projects have been completed.
  9,Hegerls has established long-term cooperative relations with CSIC and China Metallurgical Group.
  In 2018, Hegerls established a long-term cooperative relationship with CSIC 718 and Kunming International. Up to now, it has completed 6 warehousing projects for CSIC 718. Kunming International's overseas warehousing projects are also under intense planning and design. The investment in the Congo copper smelting project of MCC Group exceeded RMB 400 million. Hegerls stood out among the many domestic enterprises in the same industry and won the bid for the Congo copper smelting series of storage supporting projects. The complete equipment of the first project has been shipped.
  10,Hegerls and Inner Mongolia Xinhua Publishing Group establish a comprehensive cooperative relationship
  In January 2018, after the preliminary bidding and site inspection, Hegerls signed a cooperation agreement with the Inner Mongolia Xinhua Publishing Group for the series of warehousing and logistics projects. On July 6, 2018, the first large-scale modern warehousing and logistics project of Inner Mongolia Xinhua Publishing Group, designed, produced and installed by Hegerls, was successfully completed and put into use! More than 60 people from Inner Mongolia Xinhua Publishing Group and related industries and guests from Inner Mongolia participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. According to the cooperation agreement signed by the two parties, the preliminary design work of the Group's Hohhot warehousing and distribution park has begun, and the storage projects of various alliances, cities, flags and counties will also begin to invest.