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DATE:2017-09-22 17:41:38

  Promulgated in December 2016 by the national standardization management committee of the national standard code GBT33454-2016 has been implemented in July, 1st 2017.It is a good thing and event for China warehousing logistics industry development.
  With the development of modern logistics industry, the demand of shelf to rise sharply, shelves to expanding application fields, the shelf as the main equipment of warehousing logistics industry, wide variety.Many clients do not know how to correctly use it after buying shelves product,lead to the existence of potential safety hazard.there is not a specification requirements for proper use of storage shelves at present in domestic, formulation and implementation of this standard to standardize the using process of storage shelves, assure the use safety of storage shelves.As a director unit of China association of warehousing and distribution,and operate in warehousing logistics industry more than 20 years, HEGERLS welcome this national standard enacted.We completed projects at home and abroad  from automated library, cold storage to normal beam shelves warehousing items.But late in the project implementation process and aftersale-service has repeatedly meet clients on not understand the rule of the racks, resulting in bad use and cause in many problems.
  This standard is applicable to all kinds of warehousing industry using a variety of assembly type steel structure rack (not including automated warehouse).Can be applied to the artificial and manual operation of mechanical handling equipment put aside long span racking, pallet racking, drivein racking, cantilever racking, gravity shelves, pressed into shelf, mezzanine shelves ,carton flow racks and steel platform, etc.But does not include the use of guide rail crane and other automatic equipment rules .This standard unified storage shelves use related definitions, such as consumers, suppliers, forklift operators, rated load, unit load, storage, design is clear, the change of storage shelves, etc.Determine the storage shelves users have a clear responsibility to ensure that its workers, storage shelves, and the goods have safe operation environment.Formulate the overall requirements of the use storage shelves, storage shelves, operation, daily maintenance and damage assessment and other rules and Suggestions.
  Including the operation of the storage shelves,regular shelves and drivein racks of two typical storage racking operation process, regular shelves of operation process is suitable for the forklift to long span racking, pallet racking, cantilever racking, gravity shelves, pressed into type shelf, carton flow shelves, mezzanine shelves, steel platform, etc.
  As this standard enacted, HEGERLS has asked all the salesmen and engineers learn it,and requirements in the actual storage business in the future work to the masses of customers to promote and implement this standard.