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How to put an “elephant “into a “refrigerator”?

DATE:2017-08-30 15:22:32

  The intelligence test "put the elephant in the fridge" is a familiar joke, in the HEGRLS production base is staged an this version of reality last week.
  On August 24, the HEGERLS designed & production automated sorting stacker system for South Africa FX GROUP will be loading in container for shipment.The “giant” reached nearly 9 m, the weight of the stacker body nearly 20 tons,the support shelves and accessories about 30 tons, the inner diameter of the container is 12x2.35x2.69 meters only,so it is really "elephant" for the container.

  The leadership and employees of HEGERLS production base,use of limited handling machinery , round log and roller, to solve the problem of container space is limited, narrow, cannot use machinery handling etc.after 30 hours of hardwork , more than 50 tons of equipment and accessories had been loading in two 40 feet container.Successfully completed the "put the elephant in the fridge" .

  MDF/HDF automated sorting stacker system is HEGERLS engineering technical team research and development in over 6 months, use for MDF/HDF board is an intelligent automatic sorting and full pallet storage equipment.could be improve storage efficiency and save a lot of artificial.the state intellectual property office has issued a patent for invention to HEGERLS in March.

  In recent years, HEGRLS increased funds for automation and intelligent storage equipment research and development.We has completed the intelligent shuttle car, mobile shelves, stacking machine, MSF/HDF automation intelligent sorting system with both domestic and international advanced level of intelligent storage equipment and related hardware and software system, has won several national invention patent and industry awards."HEGRLS intelligent shuttle HD storage system" won the 2016 excellent award of "Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards"; “Stacker system energy-storage technology" won the 2015"green energy" awards of China Assoation of Warehousing & Storage.At the same time, these advanced storage equipment also won the favour of customers at home and abroad, dozens of automatic and intelligent storage equipments successful sales to Europe, South America, southeast Asia, Africa countries and regions.It show the strength of Made in China both won the respecting.