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《China Warehousing Industry Blue Book 2017》

DATE:2017-08-22 16:32:34

  《China Warehousing Industry Blue Book 2017》publicly published recently. It is Compiled by the China warehousing and distribution association.the article “Shanxi Yuncang e-commerce strorage and distribution centre project planning and design” by Hebei Woke metal products co., LTD.published in the book P225-P230 pages, "warehousing and distribution technology development and application in China".Hebei Woke metal products co., LTD as China's warehousing and distribution association members in 2012 and 2015 have been co-opted as the association director unit.Here they show own development and hands-on experience, through the completed warehousing project and provides to  China warehousing industry for reference.
  As China warehouse and logistics industry national management and technical institutions - China warehouses and distribution association , published the "blue book" in the form of the previous year's industry development, industry characteristics, new problems and new development trend etc.The book is divided into "comprehensive report" and "public warehousing"  "professional warehousing"  "regional warehousing equipment technology"   "selected cases of logistics and warehousing"  "Internet + warehousing and distribution"  "compilation of data" and so on.Encyclopedia by CAWD secretariat and related institutions, and invite relevant associations, professional institutions, experts and scholars, using the relevant statistics, association survey data, online retrieval to sum up.
  In early 2017, HEGERLS receiving invitation to participate in the “2017 China Warehousing Blue Book”.As an important responsibility of CAWD director units. the CAWD expert committee members, HEGERLS chairman Mr Guang-yuan zhang as the aricle writing group leader, the department managers of HEGERLS to participate in the writing team.After several special meeting, considered the current e-commerce rapid development momentum, e-commerce storage and distribution will become a new growth point of warehousing we chosed 2015 “Shanxi YunCang" project as a case sample, explain project process and design ideas to the warehousing industry.

  “YUN CANG” storagre and distribution center is the largest e-commerce storage and logist group projexts in Shanxi province. It include with Taiyuan centre warhouese(5400sqm) and 110 middle and small warehouses arround in other cities of Shanxi province.”HEGERLS” won this group projects in July 2015 by the high level design and workable cost budget. There are 26 warehouses had been completed till now.