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HEGERLS completed Algeria FACTO No.2 storage warehouse project

DATE:2017-08-02 16:13:25

  FACTO group is the No.2 large soft drink producers and suppliers in Algeria.Following the 2015 HEGERLS won the bid and manufactured successfully , the group of 5000 square meters warehouse equipment had been installation completed.  Nowaday ,a new 6000 square meters No.2 warehouse equipment production and installation completed succeed .3 days before,HEGERLS installation team was back to the China base.
  In recent years, HEGERLS in addition to continue to keep and develop the existing in the Middle East, South America, Europe and Oceania market, determined the develop the new target of southeast Asia and African present, the market in southeast Asia and Africa has repeatedly have gains after the solid, earnest, positive work.HEGERLS brand and products have been famous in the two markets, has formed a certain market scale, both walk in the forefront of the China warehouse equipment industry!

  HEGERLS successively completed FACTO group warehouse 1,2 in Algeria,;Uganda ERIC and Nigeria COMFORT warehouse storage project;Gabon GHABI warehouse storage project; FX group automatic MDF/HDF storage projects in South Africa; Kenya GEOFFREY library storage warehouse  etc..
  These projects both ordinary small storage project, and has a complex variety of racking system combinations of complex projects, more on behalf of the world's advanced level of fully automated sorting 3D project.Such as South Africa FX group automated sorting MDF/HDF item, it is the world's only for large size, super-heavy duty MDF/HDF warejousing in fully automated sorting or loading and unloading projects, HEGERLS making the independent research and development, manufacturing the world's first "smart stacker system for it.HEGERLS this intelligent system has been the state intellectual property office to accept an application for a patent for invention.